Dj Suri is backed by more than 15 years playing around the world and working for the best international DJs, artists and pop stars, with more than 12 remixes on the prestigious Billboard list including Two No. 1 on that list, which were remixes to Lady Gaga and Pink!
He currently has official remixes for Lady Gaga, Pink, Paris Hilton, The Veronicas, Wyclef Jean, Laverne cox Monica Naranjo, Azealia Banks, Rozalla, Rebeka Brown, Soraya Arnelas, Offer Nissim, Maya Simantov, Pete Tha Zouk …

It is worth mentioning the official remix to Lady Gaga of her latest single “Til It Happens To You” Song nominated for an Oscar, with Suri, together with Chris Daniel, the first Spaniards to officially work for the well-known and multi-award-winning Lady Gaga, having achieved the remix be NUMBER 1 in the most important Dance list in the world “Billboard Dance Club Chart”

Many media echoed the news that two Spaniards speak remixed to Lady Gaga and be No. 1 in the United States (Levante newspaper written press, Dani mateo on her Radio show, in the World Written Press and it is worth mentioning the cover for two days that I dedicate the web Los 40 Principales ”being the topic currently broadcast by the majority of radio stations in the Country

Suri has performed with his music playing around the world, in large events, well-known venues and large festivals
Brazil (Sao Paulo, Rio, San Sebastian, Florianopolis, Belo Horizonte) Colombia (Medellin and Bogota), Mexico (Guadalajara, Mexico, Monterrey), Dubai, Tel Aviv New York, Toronto, Montreal, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy , Russia……
He has participated as a supporter of the 4.0 tour of Monica Naranjo in Valencia, as well as in the Prides of New York, Sao Paulo Tel Aviv, Marid, Barcelona, ​​Seattle, San Francisco, Mexico, Montre and many cities, highlighting his performance in the World Pride of Madrid & New york,

In 2017 the same Paris Hilton, called Suri with his partner Chris Daniel to produce the theme of return to the music “Summer Reign” being this bombshell announced by the same Paris Hilton in all its networks and echoing more than 100 portals of Music and celebrities of the world.
In addition, he was invited by Paris Hilton to perform in the summer of 2017 at the Paris party “Foams & diamonds” in Amnesia Ibiza, being the only DJ who performed in 2017 at the Paris party as a guest in the 2017 season

In 2019 Suri has toured the world on his X-posed 2K19 World Tour: Dubai, Antwerp, Atlanta, Paris, Chicago, Palm Springs, Tel Aviv, Bogotá, Taipei, São Paulo, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Madrid, Valencia , Torremolinos, Los Angeles, San Diego, Montreal, London, Shanghai, Barcelona, ​​Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, are just some of the cities that Suri has toured in this 2019, clicking on the best Gay Circuit festivals!

He was also the main DJ of the Puerta Del Sol stage of the pride of Madrid, where he performed for more than 25,000 people

Now he joins to the official Line Up for Maspalomas Pride 2020 and FREEDOM Party, to perform on the Closing Night Party “The House of Flowers”!.

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