Who is Manuel De Diego?

Born in Madrid, as an artist from a very young age music and a fondness for different instruments played an important role in his life. From his early beginning as a DJ, Manuel demonstrated his eagerness to incorporate different styles of music in his creations ranging from Pop, R&B, Funk to Rock.
As a producer developing music for other artist, a passion awoke for electric music to the point he now specializes in house. In 2010, he signed with events promoters WE Party as resident DJ later becoming their top DJ for marquee events. 2011, the year of his first success “To the moon and back” branded him a star. Today he is working as a producer for other artist of different music genres most notably pop.


In frequent demand as a DJ during Ibiza’s famous summer events, he has become a regular performer at Ibiza’s hottest venues. Beginning in 2011 at Space Ibiza as resident DJ that was quickly followed up by other bookings 2012 at La Plage, 2013 at Usuahia Tower and finally in 2014 by performing on 3 different occasions at the prestigious Usuahia Beach Club where he shared the stage with such artists as Jason Derulo, Kylie Minogue and Inna.

Around the world:

His sessions as an in demand DJ, has taken him around the world to some of the most important cities and clubs on the dance music circuit. De Diego not only stand out because of his deft technique and excellent musical taste, his open personality and capacity to instantly connect with his audience makes each session an unique experience. The energy, rhythm and melodies of his sessions cause the public to participate in an exclusive experience.

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