Gio Box (Italia)

Gio Box (Italia)

‘GIO BOX’ (28years old) is a uniquely talented singer from Italy. You could say she’s a «singer’s singer.» She takes on everything! Pop, rock, motown, soul, latin, house/dance, euro, reggae, reggaeton, hiphop, electro – you name it – she can sing, and has sung it. That’s part of where her nickname comes from. Her friends and family starting calling her «Gio Box» like «Juke Box» because if you hum a few bars, she goes full performance- no radio, mp3, or costly batteries required! (And the rest is history). If you want to see a powerhouse boxing-like voice with the nuance, sting, and sensitivity of a hovering honeybee– then check her out when she comes to your village!

Gio, in her young carrier, has given her voice for cartoon soundtracks that after 10 years are still on tv «Nadja Applefield»;

She recorded chorus for italian singers «Adriano Pappalardo» and duetted on Tv Rai 1 with «Raf» who did the remake for «Self Control»…

In the last year she’s been performing in Dubai at the Shangri-La hotel; She has worked in Malta, as a resident singer in one of the most classy club, named Hugo’s Terrace.
Talking about classy venues, she lived for a couple of months in Monaco Monte Carlo, where she performed every night at the «Living Room»…
She also had different restaurants that hired her in London to have her voice entertain the customers in Knightsbridge at the «Bunga Restaurant», in Piccadilly Circus the Italian restaurant «Little Italy» and many others that filled her calendar in the year 2013…
Gio Box Loves to travel; every year she picks up a destination and she works hard, her and her team to be professional to get the dream job.

Italy, is where she started to put together a show called «Hit film music show», made by dancers, singers and cabaret actors.
She is now presenting this show in the Canary Islands hotels and Casinos , where she’s also performing every night since one year with the «Divas Return Act», for who loves Tina Turner, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Beyonce and other pop rock singers … Definitely it has to be seen at least once…

Gio box is now getting ready to audition for the Spanish got talent in Madrid next October, after she was called from the program, because they saw her video while she was singing Adele someone like you.

She is going to Open the Show for the big Festival «Freedom» and «Winter pride» in the Canary Islands during October and November, where Cascada and other famous international entertainers will be performing.

Gio never stops; if she is not performing at night she focuses on her music, original songs that she is been composing since she was 15, when she had her first computer. She didn’t even know how it worked but she knew how to turn notes into gold.

Today she has more than 40 songs written and composed by her with original sounds. She is about to release her first album in the next couple of months.

Clubs of the world! A news of the last minute, something that will bring her to the next level and it will open new venues for her, she is The new and unique DJ Singer; with a professional machine she will turn the music into something that you have never heard before, with voice effects and grooves and loops made by her…All Live!

P.S. Her Italian fans know her as Gigliola Scatola, but her fans that «really» know her call her «Gio Box» for short.
P.S.S. «Gio» is short for Gigliola (her first name means a type of Lily flower) and Scatola means «Box» in Italian.

So «Gio Box»= Gigliola Scatola! More info in her official website.

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