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About Pride

About Maspalomas Pride

Maspalomas Pride 2020, from May 7 to 17
Maspalomas Pride is the Pride that everyone talks about. So come to Maspalomas from May 7 to 17, 2020 to enjoy the good weather and the best environment. We have many surprises for you, for your friends, your girlfriend, your family or whoever you come with! In the Yumbo, night galas await you with dozens of artists from around the world to enjoy totally free, the best international parties, exhibitions, culture and hundreds of bars and restaurants.
A few minutes from Yumbo you will have Pool Parties for all groups of people with performances and the best music with great DJs, the biggest parade of the entire Canary Islands and also the most massive Pride event in a unique location: FREEDOM Party – Dirty West in Sioux City!
Remember, we are waiting for you from May 7 to 17, 2020 at the most crazy and fun Pride in the world!

May, month in Maspalomas

The most anticipated parties arrive in May in the South of Gran Canaria, the Maspalomas Pride! Since 2001, the pride is organized in Maspalomas, and the official headquarters is  Yumbo Centrum. Every year it grows in size and diversity. It all started when the City of San Bartolome de Tirajana with Darío Jaén at the head (then Managing Member of Amigos Contra el Sida, Coordinator of the LGBT group and Secretary of tourism policy, culture and social movements and vice president of GLAY), along with a few Yumbo entrepreneurs joined forces to create what is now the most massive event on the island.

Let’s be clear!

Gay Pride or LGBT Pride, Maspalomas Gay Pride, Gay Pride Maspalomas… no matter how you call it, it is and will continue to be one of the biggest supporters against discrimination and violence against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. It will continue to promote its recognition, dignity and equal rights. It will help increase your visibility as a social organization, contribute to create a community and celebrate your sexual orientation and diversity. Pride, against shame and social stigma, is the main face that represents the majority of the LGBT movement in the world.
Pride is not a product that a few can trade with, nor is it a brand. It is not bought or sold. All we can do is manage it, direct it and organize it so that everyone who wants to can enjoy it and live it with full freedom. We must try to make it an economically affordable festival for all but we also have the need to make it profitable to be able to advance every year in quality and cover all the expenses that a pride entails with mostly free events and concerts.

Maspalomas Pride, the craziest and funniest Pride in the world !!

So for those who have never experienced the Pride of Maspalomas, a big surprise awaits you! The days are full of different  events: parties, exhibitions, parade, shows, concerts … and of course the funniest nights in your favorite Yumbo bars. Get ready for the craziest and funniest Pride in the World!