About Pride

Maspalomas Pride, every May in Maspalomas

The most anticipated event of the year, Maspalomas Gay Pride, begins in May in the south of Gran Canaria. Since 2001 the Gay Pride is organized in Maspalomas, with its registered office the C.C.Yumbo Centrum. Every year, it grows in size and diversity. It all started when the City of San Bartolome de Tirajana, with Dario Jaen at the helm (then a board member of Friends Against AIDS, LGBT group coordinator and secretary of tourism policy, culture and social movements and vice president of GLAY), along with a few Yumbo entrepreneurs, joined forces to create what is now the most crowded event on the island.


Maspalomas Pride or LGBT Pride, Pride Maspalomas, Gay Pride Maspalomas … no matter what you call it, is and will remain one of the biggest supporters against discrimination and violence against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. It will continue to promote recognition, dignity and equal rights. It will help increase its visibility as a social organization, will help to create a community and celebrate their orientation and sexual diversity. Pride, against shame and social stigma, is the main face that represents most of the LGBT movements in the world.

Pride is not a product that few can trade, it is not a brand. It is not bought or sold. All we can do is to manage, direct and organize it so that everyone who wants to celebrate, can join and express themselves freely. We try to be a festival affordable for all, but we need to make it profitable to make progress each year in quality, and cover all expenses associated with pride events and the free concerts.


For those who have never experienced the Maspalomas Pride, a surprise awaits you! The days are filled with various events: festivals, exhibitions, parades, tours, shows, and concerts, along with your favorite restaurants and bars in and around the Yumbo Centre joining in the fun! So make yourself look fabulous and join in the Pride celebrations with us, together with dancers, singers, and drag queens! Are you ready for the craziest and most fun Pride in the World!